Click to go to the Official Rules of Golf website, which is made up of 6 parts, including:

  • The Rules of Golf (full version) which is intended for those who administer the game and who need to answer the variety of questions that can arise in relation to golf competitions.


  • The Rules of Golf (Player’s Edition) which is intended for you, the golfer. It contains the Rules situations that occur most commonly on the course and is an abridged version of the full Rules. Although its text is edited, it gives you the same answer that is in the full Rules of Golf and so it is a functioning Rule book.


  • Definitions – over 70 defined terms and these form the foundation around which the Rules are written.


  • Interpretations – provided only for aspects of the Rules that are considered to require additional clarification replaces the old ‘Decisions’ book).


  • Committee Procedures – practical guidance for those involved in running day to day play at golf courses or running competitions at all levels of the game.



Click to go to the Rules of Golf Modernisation website which contains detailed descriptions, documents and videos about the changes, as well as a link to download a 2019 Rules app for iOS and Android.

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