How Do We Beat It

 How Do We Beat It Is Back!


HowDidiDo is proud to announce the second playing of our golf eclectic competition in partnership with Prostate Cancer UK.

How Do We Beat It is open to all HowDidiDo members and is a season long competition based on your eclectic score in handicap qualifying competitions at your home course. You don’t have to do anything other than register, as HowDidiDo will select your best score for each hole automatically to create your How Do We Beat It eclectic score.

The top 16 golfers with the best eclectic scores will then play in a final event at the Castle Stuart Golf Links near Inverness to see who will become the 2018 How Do We Beat It champion.

In addition to the 16 finalists there will be monthly How Do We Beat It prizes throughout the season as well as a prize draw or two, so we hope you will join us in beating a disease that exists in every golf club in the country.


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Enter How Do We Beat It for £5 and help stop prostate cancer being a killer.

Prostate Cancer UK has launched an ambitious 10 year strategy to beat a disease killing one man every 45 minutes in the UK. With men aged 50 or over, men with a family history of prostate cancer and black men significantly more at risk of getting the disease, unfortunately prostate cancer exists in every golf club in the country. Therefore, our golfing community is highly likely to be affected.

Prostate Cancer UK is investing in innovative research to revolutionise the way prostate cancer is detected and treated, and to develop personalised approaches for every man. Their ultimate aim is to stop men dying from prostate cancer. It’s our aim to show that our HowDidiDo community in the UK is helping to achieve this ambition while enjoying their love of the game.

While raising money to fight prostate cancer you will also have the chance to qualify for the How Do We Beat It final at one of the UK’s top courses at Castle Stuart Golf Links near Inverness.