1. Great reasons to join Lowes Park

Thank you for your interest in membership of our fine golf club, formed in 1915. We at Lowes Park would like to encourage participation in golf and make it available to all. As such we have a variety of membership options available to both new and existing members, all at some of the lowest prices in the area – see below for more details.

We believe Lowes Park is a club that has something to offer for everyone, with many great benefits:

  • We have a busy competitive calendar With Men’s competitions every Saturday and Ladies every Wednesday. We also have club knockouts , matches against other golf clubs and the famous Wednesday roll up.
  • There is a lot of golf played through out the whole year as well as organised trips to other golf clubs.
  • The club is very friendly and inviting. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone at the club, you’ll have no problem fitting in. Whether it’s social golf or serious competition you’ll find what you’re looking for.
  • There is currently NO JOINING FEE.
  • For more formation contact the secretary via our contact page, email him at or by telephone on 0161 764 1231.

Download a Membership Application Form by clicking the icon below

Lowes Park Golf Club Membership Application Form

Special Offers Available Now 1st Time deals

Full member rate
New Member Offer
Full Member 1st 12 Months £533
5 Day Member 1st 12 Months £431
6 Day Member 1st 12 Months £495
Ladies Full Member 1st 12 Months £384

Subscriptions 2021 – 2022
Full member rate
Category                Year  
Full Member  £583  
Full Member Over 65* £402  
5 Day Member  £451  
5 Day Member Over 65* £385  
6 Day Member £525  
6 Day Member Over 65* £420  

Lady member £434  
Lady Member – Over 65 * £341  
* This concession only applies to members who have a minimum of 10 years continuous  membership. The concession is not available to those joining after February 1997. 


Membership is free to all juniors under 16 with a playing relative at the club. 

JUNIOR Up to 18 years   (On 1st November) £27  
INTERMEDIATE Aged 18 (On 1st November) £105  
INTERMEDIATE Aged 19 (On 1st November) 


INTERMEDIATE Aged 20 (On 1st November) 


INTERMEDIATE Aged 21 (On 1st November) 






Country Member – Men’s

Country Member – Option 1
First club – 7 Days (Affiliation paid by Lowes Park)  


Country Member – Option 2
Second club – 7 Days (Affiliation paid by members first club)  




Country Member – Women’s

Country Member – Option 1
First club – 7 Days (Affiliation paid by Lowes Park)  


Country Member – Option 2
Second club – 7 Days (Affiliation paid by members first club)  


Social Member £15  

We do not currently charge a joining fee


All membership fees are due annually on the 1st November

Members can take advantage of the GOCARDLESS Credit direct scheme which allows fees to be made in 12 monthly instalments. The Golf England affiliation fee must be paid in the first month. 

All members must also pay the Golf England affiliation fee of £13.85 Men and £16.50 for Ladies